The end of Quite the Opposite – or is it?

March 21st, 2014 Comment 0

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of wonderfully challenging, interesting, fun stuff. And with my new position at Nyheter24-Gruppen, this doesn’t seem to stop. Rather, accelerate. However as, contrary to my expectations, Time has not expanded proportionally but instead stubbornly sticks to the 24 h/day system, I will have to give something up. And at the moment, it will have to be this blog. I do love writing it though, so one day …

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Oh, I AM.

January 6th, 2014 Comment 0


Back to work.

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The loneliness of the internet

November 1st, 2013 Comment 0


Today, I bring you a Halloween-themed internet observation from a mall goth:

For Tom Milsom, a musician and self-described “mall goth,” the “sad mournful” position of the goth resonates with the loneliness of the Internet. For teenagers, Mr. Milsom said, Tumblr and similar sites are “a place to cry.” “Everything is incredible and everybody is sad. … There is a real cultural relevance beyond being moody.” “Goth is Dead, Long Live Goth”, New York Times

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Infinity and beyond

August 10th, 2013 Comment 0

Have you seen this?

Very elegant. But still. It is literally impossible to hear, read or watch any general commentary on digital stuff that doesn’t start off with a statistic in the centuries-worth-of-Youtube-videos-uploaded-per-second category. It was equally impossible five years ago (probably ten years ago as well, but those were my hipster ad school days so they’re a bit of a blur. Leg warmers and Terry Richardson were very now, that I remember). How come this culture is so obsessed with the sheer volume of information created?

Yes Youtube is an infinite space (time? time-space?), related to human lifespans. The universe is infinite. It doesn’t change my movements this Autumn: back and forth across central Stockholm to for me meaningful places such as the Bonnier House, the gym and the newly launched Prada boutique. Visiting my parents. Possibly NYC, if I and The Boyfriend get our act together and actually buy a couple of plane tickets. I don’t feel stressed out, saddened or bewildered about not being able to visit every planet in every planetary system in the entire Universe.

Likewise with data. 50 years of teenagers performing their favourite songs on acoustic guitar uploaded on Youtube today, or 500 years? Well.

is it a generational thing, a symbol for people feeling digital culture moving them from static(-ish) to fluent, from order to chaos, from hierarchical structure to (sorry!) rhizome? Do children find these statistics as pointless as the number of grains of sand on a beach?*


* On the other hand, that sounds just like something a child could be interested in. Weird little creatures.


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Possibly brilliant thought

June 15th, 2013 Comment 0

Found in my Evernote notebook ‘Blog posts’:

Theory: digital = user = less technology. Or the other way around.

It has all the characteristics of a digital equivalent to a scribbled-on napkin found in my handbag after a late night. But there is a possibility, albeit slight, that this cryptic message is actually deeply profound. Does it hold the key to saving the media industry in a single stroke? Is it the soon-to-be-iconic sound bite that will launch my Chris Anderson-style $1.000 000-per-appearance speaking career? (Although perhaps in later iterations I will drop the cautious ‘Or the other way around’  to add some punch.) All suggestions as to what I actually meant are welcome, at

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