From the mouths of…

March 26th, 2013 § 0

Something made me recall this scene:

May 2012. Editorial meeting. Discussion about our commercial strategy for 2012–2015.

Business journalist: ‘There’s one industry one should really look at, they’ve gone through the same challenges as we do, really. There’s a lot to learn from…’

Everyone else in the room, slightly bored, filling in mentally: ‘The MUSIC INDUSTRY.

Business journalist:ACCOUNTING.’

Everyone else in the room: ‘ACCOUNTING?’

Business journalist: ‘Yes. It is the most boring profession in the entire world. It’s a death-trap. But you know how those big firms have fooled an entire generation of business students – passing themselves off as fancy management consultants, luring them in with student competitions and marketing campaigns and what not? Graduates actually seek out work at Ernst & Young. A mass psychosis.’

Everyone else in the room: ‘And…’

Business journalist: ‘And, that’s what we should do. Trick those students.’

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