Infinity and beyond

August 10th, 2013 § 0

Have you seen this?

Very elegant. But still. It is literally impossible to hear, read or watch any general commentary on digital stuff that doesn’t start off with a statistic in the centuries-worth-of-Youtube-videos-uploaded-per-second category. It was equally impossible five years ago (probably ten years ago as well, but those were my hipster ad school days so they’re a bit of a blur. Leg warmers and Terry Richardson were very now, that I remember). How come this culture is so obsessed with the sheer volume of information created?

Yes Youtube is an infinite space (time? time-space?), related to human lifespans. The universe is infinite. It doesn’t change my movements this Autumn: back and forth across central Stockholm to for me meaningful places such as the Bonnier House, the gym and the newly launched Prada boutique. Visiting my parents. Possibly NYC, if I and The Boyfriend get our act together and actually buy a couple of plane tickets. I don’t feel stressed out, saddened or bewildered about not being able to visit every planet in every planetary system in the entire Universe.

Likewise with data. 50 years of teenagers performing their favourite songs on acoustic guitar uploaded on Youtube today, or 500 years? Well.

is it a generational thing, a symbol for people feeling digital culture moving them from static(-ish) to fluent, from order to chaos, from hierarchical structure to (sorry!) rhizome? Do children find these statistics as pointless as the number of grains of sand on a beach?*


* On the other hand, that sounds just like something a child could be interested in. Weird little creatures.


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