Meanwhile in Sweden: Digital is finally simply Culture

April 14th, 2013 § 0

The Swedish Social Democrats have a new pin for 1st of May.
It’s a QR code.
It would be too predictable to write something ironic about this, so I refrain. However, here’s the fun part: The Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, in a brave act of resistance, made their own instead.

“It’s fine for them“, the Youth League’s communication strategist, Juan-Pablo Roa, sneered to media industry magazine Dagens Media. “But our target group is trend sensitive.” (To be fair, I added the sneering and italics to entertain you. Unbiased quotations is for journalists, I feel. I’m an account director, I have no conscience.)

Which is why, quite brilliantly, their 1st of May mark instead treats the idea of Social Democracy like it was thought out by a fashion editor on Instagram speed. “It feels, you know, really NOW with this whole vintage Solidarity/Olof Palme/Nude make-up/Holding meetings under bad fluorescent lighting/Being a young parent without being regarded as white trash/8 mm aesthetics thing. Can we do something with that?”

Yes indeed: a symbol inspired by a 1960 election poster according to the Art Director Simon Röder – who apparently is confident (and rightly so, I say) that in a culture of Constant Now, it’s not ironic that a blatantly retro sign bears the message “Politics in Motion”. “The Right stands still, but a society in transition needs politics that move forward constantly”, he says.

Now look at that. Instead of an uncomfortable symbol of reverence to the deity IT with a faint smell of “I should really learn how to tweet”, a sign created right from inside mediated, aestheticized, fragmented (digital) 2010′s culture. Aha!

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