Possibly brilliant thought

June 15th, 2013 § 0

Found in my Evernote notebook ‘Blog posts’:

Theory: digital = user = less technology. Or the other way around.

It has all the characteristics of a digital equivalent to a scribbled-on napkin found in my handbag after a late night. But there is a possibility, albeit slight, that this cryptic message is actually deeply profound. Does it hold the key to saving the media industry in a single stroke? Is it the soon-to-be-iconic sound bite that will launch my Chris Anderson-style $1.000 000-per-appearance speaking career? (Although perhaps in later iterations I will drop the cautious ‘Or the other way around’  to add some punch.) All suggestions as to what I actually meant are welcome, at ohmygodijustrealisedyouareabrilliantdigitalstrategist@ylvalindberg.com.

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